Ensolution värd för ACG® System User forum på Fotografiska

Som nordisk distributör av ACG® System arrangerar Ensolution idag nordisk användarträff på Fotografiska i Stockholm.

Talare under dagen:

”Current status ACG® System for the rest of world”
Karen Kinder, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions

”Improving patient coordination through effective primary care management”
Lizelle Steenkamp, Discovery Health, South Africa, awarded the Prof. Barbara Starfield Award in recognition of use of the ACG® System

”New versions and other existing news. Details on theory, background and ideas for further development”
Steve Sutch, Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions gives an overview on the new development

”Uppföljning av diagnossättning och kvalitetssäkring av ACG® i Region Jönköping – så arbetar vi med vår uppföljningsmodell”
Jonatan Vincent, Region Jönköping

”Population health analytics and usage of the ACG® System in the UK”
Alan Thompson, Director of User Support, UK Team Leader, Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions

Open panel discussion held by Karen Kinder and other participants.

• How can we utilize the information about patients and their risks?
• How can we improve the delivery of care?
• What are the challenges?
• Future directions for risk profiling and co-ordination?
• Other topics related to the usage of the ACG® System

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